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The uber-tagger Those who tag you on comments or posts that become an open forum with many unknown others responding and adding to your inbox get on the nerves of Ummu Bradley Thomas, founder of the Freddie Bell Jones Modeling & Finishing School in Denton, Md. If they have a friend coming to a town near you, they tag you and every other friend who เสื้อ ทีม ครอบครัว live there instead of recommending this person who has no relationship to you buy Time Out New York or Lonely Planet Seattle. Fortunately, you can review tags before they appear on your Timeline. Also see: When death meets Facebook: Social networkers upstage the deceased The Debbie downer Debbie can be a man or a woman they just have to walk down the shady side of the street. They yearn for summer to come and when it finally does they complain about the cost of the air conditioning. They plan their vacation and post about their holiday from hell. They say you wont believe what just happened to them on the subway (you will believe it, as youve heard it before). And they appear to be constantly going through a divorce. Unless youre still in middle school, the painful details of your breakups should not be Facebook fodder, Rodman says. The pet lover The pet lover is addicted to posting endless pictures of their pets, says Darren Hayes, director of cybersecurity and assistant professor at Pace University. Hes a dog sites lover, so he is more irritated by pictures of cats.

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The golf course became, for him, the "third space" (besides home and family) that some men seem to need. According to a website that tries to keep track, Obama has played more than 300 rounds of golf during his tenure. Unlike other presidents, he almost never used these outings to butter up political adversaries or reward loyal allies. Instead, he stuck mostly to a tight group of regulars, with a few luminaries, mostly professional athletes, tossed in. When he wasn't working and, reportedly, sometimes when he was the president watched ESPN. As a rule, Obama went upstairs to the residence every evening so the family could have dinner together. Then he would go back to work for a while before bedtime. As Obama noted Tuesday night, one of his wife's great accomplishments was opening the doors of the White House as wide as possible to the American people. Every December, she and the president put themselves through a Long March of holiday parties, including two for the media. At the end of the evening, having shaken hundreds of hands and posed for hundreds of smiling pictures, any normal human beings would have been homicidal, suicidal or both.

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