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Diana, one of the most photographed women in the world, whose every fashion choice was scrutinized by millions, evolved from girlish ingenue to glamorous international star powered in no small part by her choice of dress. Join @HannahOlivennes on @nytimes Snapchat for a look at Princess Dianas dress exhibition at Kensington Palace: https://t.co/TpyUzW7ZMB pic.twitter.com/Y11u9RwGDb NYT Fashion (@NYTFashion) February 22, 2017 On Friday, as part of a year of commemorations on the 20th anniversary of her death , an exhibition tracing the evolution of the princesss style and featuring some of her most memorable outfits will open at Kensington Palace, her former home. The pieces include a demure tweed suit by Bill Pashley worn on her Balmoral honeymoon in 1981, and the midnight-blue Victor Edelstein velvet dress she wore when she danced with John Travolta at the White House in 1985. A brown tweed day suit designed by Bill Pashley and worn by Diana on her honeymoon in 1981. It is part of the exhibition of her clothes at Kensington Palace. Carl Court / Getty Images Diana: Her Fashion Story explores how the princess learned to master her own image and use fashion to champion the causes she cared about. And as the first exhibition on the princess by the palace in a decade, its unveiling also poses a question: Why are we still so obsessed with her clothes? Perhaps the answer is that they help explain how we got to where we are now in fashion. Here are comments from five people who knew the princess on what made Diana, and her sense of style, so memorable. Said Cyrus.

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