May had said she would use centuries-old powers known as royal prerogative to recommended site invoke Article 50 of the EU treaty and launch two years of exit talks. The powers traditionally held by the monarch permit decisions about treaties and other issues to be made without a vote of ชุดเจ้าสาว mermaid Parliament. "The referendum is of great political significance, but the act of Parliament which established it did not say what should happen as a result, so any change in the law to give effect to the referendum must be made in the only way permitted by the U.K. Constitution, namely by an act of Parliament," the president of the Supreme Court David Neuberger said in reading the judgement. "To proceed otherwise would be a breach of settled constitutional principles stretching back many centuries," he said. The case was considered the most important constitutional issue in a generation, clarifying who ultimately wields power in Britain's system of government: the prime minister and her Cabinet, or Parliament. Financial entrepreneur Gina Miller sued to force the government to seek Parliamentary approval before invoking Article 50. Leaving the EU will change the fundamental rights of citizens and this can't be done without a vote of lawmakers, she ชุดเพื่อนเจ้าสาวสีฟ้า argued. May had argued the referendum gave her a mandate to take Britain out of the 28-nation bloc and that discussing the details of her strategy with Parliament would weaken the government's negotiating position.