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Butler, an artificial intelligence-powered robotic system, helps pick products from shelves in the warehouse. ''A single person would pick about 100 to 120 items in one hour. With our Butler robot, he is able to pick 400 to 500 items every hour." Mr Kohli says. The second robot, Sorter, automates the sorting of outgoing packages in a distribution centre. They say that the robots they already have installed can potentially sort three million packages every day. Trillion-dollar opportunity Image caption Samay Kohli (left) and Akash Gupta are the founders of GreyOrange One of the biggest challenges to the company's success has been sourcing parts. ''India does not have a very strong hardware ecosystem." explains Paula Mariwala, who invests in technology based start-ups for SeedFund. "So to source the right products and to get manufacturing going at a large scale in the early stages is particularly difficult. You would not be able to try out different components to have different versions of the product very easily - your time cycles will be longer.

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